Friday, April 06, 2012

Disneyland - Day 3

Mickey was hidden in the details all over our room.  We had so much fun looking for him!

 The Magic Morning is very worth it - no waits!!!

 Waiting for the train into Toon Town
 Toontown was amazing, so much detail, so many funny little things to see!

 Goofy's House

 Donald's Boat "Daisy"

 Trying to call Oma on the Funny Phones

 We swam at the Disneyland Hotel's pool every day since our pool was being remodeled.  We didn't love the extra walk every day, but the pool had more slides and was very impressive!

 We really loved the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail at California Adventure...Wish we had a few more pictures, but the camera battery died. 
We had an amazing time at Disneyland!  We laughed, we played, we didn't cry very much...we are so thankful we had the chance to do this as a family!