Thursday, April 05, 2012

Disney - Day 2

We started Tuesday with a Magic Morning hour which allowed us to get into the park early - and ride Star Tours and Nemo without a wait!  The boys loved Star Tours; Clayton more than Garrett who found the ride a little too real when the ship crashes...Nemo was a hit for everyone!

 Tom Sawyer's Island and the Pirate Den

 Clayton had to check out every character's feet.  It was especially funny when Goofy bent down to inspect Clayton's feet.
 This is the only character shot with Campbell.  She loved them from a couple feet away, but she did NOT like to be close to them!  She wanted to look for the characters all day!
 This is a little preview spot for Cars Land...Now we'll have to come back ;)
 A Bug's Land at California Adventure was wonderful!  The kids loved all the rides; nothing was too scary.  Chris and I loved the details of gigantic clover and bugs that provided shade and kept us cool!

 Ariel's Underwater Adventure

 Supper at Ariel's Grotto: it was a very "fancy" meal, ending with a chocolate course for dessert.  You can see how impressed we were by Garrett's response to the tiramisu.

 Mickey's Fun Wheel - another family hit!  Even Campbell loved it!

At this point we tried one more ride, upon which Campbell threw up all over Clayton.  They shut down the ride, I wanted to crawl into a hole and avoid all the dirty looks, and the attendant gave us a gift certificate to get Clayton a new pair of shorts so we could go watch World of Color (which was AMAZING).  This cleared up any confusion we had.  A place that gives you a free pair of shorts because one of your kids pukes on another one of your kids truly is The Happiest Place on Earth!