Monday, April 02, 2012

Bearizona and Joshua Tree

 Vacation has begun!  We decided to check out Bearizona on our way to Joshua Tree National Park.  It's part drive-thru zoo, part petting zoo, part zoo.  It was pretty neat to see some large animals so close up, and some young and active ones as well! 

Driving through American White Bison and Black Bear areas
 "Piggy funny!" was Campbell's mantra
 Chris dubbed these Piggy Opa and Piggy Grandpa

 Juvenile and baby bears, pretty cool!
 We were able to see a little bit of Joshua Tree on Sunday afternoon, Skull Rock and Jumbo Rocks were fun for climbing!

Sunday we spent a leisurely morning at the pool and then headed back to the park to hike.  More pictures of that will have to wait since Chris has the camera in Disney...