Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saying Goodbye

I'm going to attempt this post without crying through it...I doubt that will be successful! Anyway, 3 weeks ago we were able to spend a wonderful day with our friends Zach and Laura and their girls Zoe and Marley. They were staying at a cottage in Muskegon before heading off to their new adventure in Singapore. What a blessing to have a day together before we say goodbye for a while!

I am so thankful for the four years I have been able to know and live just up the hill (at both of our homes) from Laura. We have been through so much in these four years from the death of her brother to the birth of our children, Jason's battle with cancer, the buying of homes, the widowhood of being coaches wives. She has been a listening ear, a mentor, a friend to laugh and to cry with, to share a good bottle of wine, to grow in Christ with. We've learned many domestic things together - I guess now I need to find a new canning partner. I'm not really sure how I will go home and not have her there. Nope, now I'm crying...

Zoe and Marley have been the boys' best friends - when we actually said goodbye I held it together until Garrett started crying in the van, and then I was a mess.

I am so blessed to call her my friend! And thankful that she has to come back to Michigan to see her family so I know I'm guaranteed that this is just "for now"!