Sunday, July 10, 2011

Campbell turns One!

Our beautiful daughter turned one a week and a half ago! Oh, Campbell how we love you! You are funny in your stoicism, sure of what you like and don't like, loud, a little bit silly, and certainly a joy! We have been so blessed to watch you grow this year, reminding us of God's faithfulness as you fought for life your first day and then never looked back; we are thankful God has allowed us to be your parents.

We celebrated Campbell's big day with dinner, cake and ice cream with Opa & Oma and Chris & Becky and kids. What fun to be able to share these days with our family - we know it's a treat we wont get every year so we are counting it as a blessing this year for sure!

Can you say cute kids??? I know I'm partial to my kids, but my nephew Crew just melts my heart!

Campbell's Owl Cake

Each boy helped Campbell open a present or two - it helped keep everyone happy!

I love how Campbell is giving Clayton this look that seems to say "Back off, buddy!"