Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Fun Day!

We needed a day as a family just to laugh, to relax, and to enjoy each other. We've been in Michigan for two weeks now and it's been emotionally draining. We're so thankful to be here to help with Chris' brother Jason's care and so blessed that Chris has a job that has scheduled time off right now! But, we also know that for our marriage and for our kids we need to take a step back and just have fun! So that's what we did today!

We started with mini-golf and then went out for lunch. Then we came home for what was supposed a family nap time, but I ended up needing to go get diapers and Garrett and Chris rested for a short time and then had a Nerf war. We made our pizza for supper and watched Princess and the Frog (not a big hit, too scary). This day was just what all of us needed!

One story from this past week to give you a glimpse of what we've been trying to process: Chris was putting the boys to bed and was asking them how they feel when they're at Uncle Jason's and what they think. Garrett said he was sad because Uncle Jason is sick. Chris asked "How do you know he's sick?" Garrett: "Because you tell us." So, Chris, thinking that he's not getting much says "Do you have anything you want to ask me?" Garrett says: "Just one thing...How do you make curtains?" Oh I laughed when I heard that! What a breathe of fresh air these kids are to our heavy hearts!

I love how Campbell looks like she's giving me pointers!

On the last hole I looked down and saw this literally a foot away from me. Yuck.

We had lunch at New Holland Brewery, yummy pizza for the kids and sandwiches for me and Chris. And lots of silly faces!

Clayton excuses himself from the table almost every meal to give Campbell a kiss. Today it was quite funny as she kept turning her face toward him and he kept telling her "No, I don't want to kiss the dirty part!" He sure has a thing about being messy!

The funniest part of our movie night: Campbell leaned over in her chair which doesn't have a tray and started crawling around with the chair strapped to her back!