Monday, January 03, 2011

Welcome Winter!

We arrived back to New Mexico this weekend to a beautiful blanket of snow, and below 0 temps - it's COLD! But, the sun, in typical NM style, is shining brightly! The boys have been enjoying being outside with Chris who's been such a good sport and taken them out a few times to sled. He's such a good daddy! Campbell and I came out yesterday afternoon before it started to get too cold; I think she liked it too!
Clayton and Garrett happily headed down the hill...

This picture was taken after Garrett crashed into Clayton at the bottom. I share this picture because it really captures Clayton, he can seem so upset and hurt, and then within seconds he'll say "I'm ok" and move on. He's one tough cookie.
Campbell's first run.

Ok, really, isn't she the cutest girl ever?