Sunday, January 02, 2011

Playing at the Park

After several days of being in-side celebrating we needed some time OUTSIDE! We met Uncle Chris, Gibson and Crew at Kollen Park with Opa and had soooo much fun playing! Those boys have such a good time together.

Campbell in the Moby inside my coat. We were nice and toasty :)
I am amazed that Garrett is almost 5! He is my sweet, sensitive, little guy. Always ready to help, encourage, be a friend. This kid can really melt my heart.
That Opa is such a good sport!
Gibson, the mountain goat
Clayton, my little goof ball. He sure knows how to make us laugh. He is cuddly, rambunctious, and beyond silly! I love seeing his personality come out!
"Auntie Nik, watch my trick!"
Crew, lovin' the fresh air.