Sunday, January 02, 2011

Lake Michigan

We had high hopes of seeing the icebergs this winter, but even without them, the Lake was beautiful! The boys had so much fun finding icicles, and ice rocks to throw into the water; it was a gorgeous morning!
There's always something to be thrown into the water!
Campbell and Oma; she loves to be outside.

There were some major icicles

So, I don't have many pictures of our arrival to Michigan, but this one captures the excitement - Garrett in Opa's pirate hat. We got off the plane and headed to the "meeting area" only to find that Opa and Oma weren't there yet! So, we stalled by taking a bathroom break, and then I found O & O and Opa was able to sneak up and surprise the boys as they left the bathroom. Oh, how good it feels to be "home" with the ones we love!