Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just Campbell

This post is dedicated to Campbell. I realized that we don't have many recent pictures of her here because she is often napping when we're doing fun stuff with the boys. She is a delight to all of us, and we are starting to feel like we're getting the hang of having 3 kids. She's mostly a happy baby, very talkative, wiggly, and she always wants to be part of the action! The boys are such good big brothers; they bring her toys, pick out her clothes, and tell me when they think she's tired or hungry. She's now four months old! She's on the verge of laughing, rolling from her back to her tummy, and she desperately wants to be able to sit up!

Campbell in her uber-girly skirt!

She's discovered a very girly, high-pitched screech...this house is not ready for that!

I found her full of smiles the other day while I was putting stuff away in her bedroom. She loves to look around and watch what everyone is doing. She especially loves for the boys to lay on the floor with her and talk to her.

At the campfire, wearing a sweater my Oma made me as a baby. Super cute!

Oma made this sweater too - I LOVE it! It's the perfect fall sweater! Thanks Mom, for keeping this stuff. It's so special to have things from Oma!