Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shrick or Shreat

Happy Halloween!
Garrett mid-face painting
Arr, me hearties!

How do we look?
Skyping with Opa and Oma
Warming up with hot cocoa and taking stock of the booty.

Pre-Halloween Fall Fest!

We had some fall fun yesterday and made cupcakes and cookies, and carved pumpkins. We also had our weekly pizza and a movie night and watched "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!" We invited our neighbor, and the boys' good friend, Eden over to spend the afternoon/evening with us. The boys watch for Eden to come home from school every day so they can play together and miss her when she's gone!
Do you think he's coming up with ways to sneak candy?
Clayton wasn't feeling the best when he woke up from his nap, but he soon snapped out of his funk, and had a great time!
Eden is often the one to teach the boys the things she learned at school, or just how to live life loud!Chris' zombie cupcake
Time to decorate cookies...Eden made a normal jack-o-lantern, Garrett made an alien one...and this is how we know boys and girls are DIFFERENT!

Garrett's one-eyed black cats

We also made spider cookies, they're like peanut butter blossoms, but a lot creepier!
Clayton wasn't so sure about sticking his hand in there!
Chris was in charge of the pumpkin carving.

The finished product "They got what they wanted." Garrett's on the left, and Clayton's on the right.
And now we're ready for our movie night. Charlie Brown is timeless!

Just Campbell

This post is dedicated to Campbell. I realized that we don't have many recent pictures of her here because she is often napping when we're doing fun stuff with the boys. She is a delight to all of us, and we are starting to feel like we're getting the hang of having 3 kids. She's mostly a happy baby, very talkative, wiggly, and she always wants to be part of the action! The boys are such good big brothers; they bring her toys, pick out her clothes, and tell me when they think she's tired or hungry. She's now four months old! She's on the verge of laughing, rolling from her back to her tummy, and she desperately wants to be able to sit up!

Campbell in her uber-girly skirt!

She's discovered a very girly, high-pitched screech...this house is not ready for that!

I found her full of smiles the other day while I was putting stuff away in her bedroom. She loves to look around and watch what everyone is doing. She especially loves for the boys to lay on the floor with her and talk to her.

At the campfire, wearing a sweater my Oma made me as a baby. Super cute!

Oma made this sweater too - I LOVE it! It's the perfect fall sweater! Thanks Mom, for keeping this stuff. It's so special to have things from Oma!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall at the Zoo

It's Parent - Teacher Conference week so a friend and I decided to make the most of our hubbies being busy and get out of Dodge. We spent the day at the zoo with our 5 kids, it was great weather and pretty empty because school was in session for Albuquerque. We had a great time!

This mountain lion was so cool - the kids had leaves and twigs that they were waving around and it kept batting at them like a kitty playing with a toy.

The little map readers. Does anyone else find that as soon as their kids have the map they stop seeing the animals? We tried keeping the maps hidden for a while but eventually they found it!

Hey, look! Camels!.....Oh wait! The sign says DO NOT ENTER! OOPS!


We went to Phoenix two weekends ago to watch a Red Wings vs. Coyotes game! What fun! The crowd was about 50% Wings Fans, so that made it pretty exciting! The Wings won which made it even better! We really enjoyed being able to share something we love with our kids - hopefully someday they'll enjoy going to games as much as we do, but for now it's a good thing that the arena had a kid's rink and plenty of snacks :)
The boys thought this inflatable hockey player was cool, and then as we walked into the arena we got to walk through an inflatable Coyote head. We tickled his throat to make him cough and help insure that he would be distracted during the game and lose. :)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


This week in preschool we're learning about apples. What better way to enjoy fall than by making Caramel Apples! I've never made my own caramel before so this was an experiment for us, and it turned out really well! Who knew school could be soooo yummy?

Garrett is so like me! I have a habit of sticking my tongue out when I'm really concentrating, and he does too!

Doesn't that look tasty?

The finished product - they were delicious! Can we consider this a healthy snack? We'll have to do this again soon!