Monday, September 13, 2010

Field Trip!

I've been teaching the boys preschool at home 4 mornings a week, and last week we studied ocean animals. The boys have been asking for several weeks when we could make a trip to ABQ to go to the aquarium, so we shuffled our curriculum around so that we could make it a 'field trip'. The boys had so much fun all week learning about sharks, whales, fish, and all kinds of strange sea creatures, all the while counting the days until we could go to the aquarium! It was such a fun family day!
This sting ray kept swimming over to the window and showing us his underside; pretty cool!
This fish was HUGE (bigger than the boys)! He's swimming in above our heads in the eel exhibit.
The SHARK TANK! The boys were pretty entertained by this fish's large, wide-open mouth.

The Aquarium is connected to the Botanical Gardens which have a really unique Children's Garden that we spent a long time exploring.