Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Campbell's Birth!

On June 29th @ 8:49am we welcomed Campbell Marie VanSlooten into the world! Her birth had some complications which made the day pretty emotional and a little scary, but she is now doing great! We are all totally in love with this little girl!

Under the oxygen hood (she did not like it and was soon put on the tube that goes into the nostrils, we can't remember what it's called). She was on oxygen until 11:00pm the first night.

This is the first time I got to hold Campbell (6 hours after birth due to her high resperations rate, and low oxygen) and the first time Chris was able to hold her since bringing her up from the OR. A WONDERFUL moment!
Oma meets Campbell
Opa and his first granddaughter
Love at first sight!

Between my IV and Campbell's IV getting close was tricky - Oma helped the boys give goodnight kisses.

Our beautiful girl!
Celebrating the 11th anniversary of our first date with our "steak and wine" hospital dinner :) (Not real steak or wine, but a neat hospital treat)
The adoring big brothers

Pizza Party

1st tanning session - phototherapy for Campbell's high bilirubin count. She was under the lights for 24 hours, only coming out for feedings. It was so hard not to be able to hold her - especially for Chris, as I at least got to cuddle her when she was nursing.
The boys enjoying a few minutes with Campbell in between her blue-light treatment