Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swimming Lessons!

We've enrolled the boys in swimming lessons this summer. Here's a fun little video showing you all the fun they're having! (you may want to scroll to the bottom of the page to turn off the music first)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Family Pictures

We took some family pictures on Opa and Oma's last night...beautiful weather and beautiful family! Words can't express how blessed we were to have my parents here for 10 days! To know that the boys were well cared for and having blast made being at the hospital so much easier. They were so helpful, cleaning, doing laundry, and putting meals in the freezer (can't wait to eat those!); we had a great time together and are counting the days 'til we'll be together again!

Family Fun

Some of my favorite memories of growing up are from July 4th and my dad doing the "Sparkler Dance." (Don't think I've forgotten the time you launched that firecracker right at us all and put spark holes in my shirt though, Dad:) )....This 4th of July was pretty laid back for us, since we had just come home from the hospital, but we did light sparklers and watch some fireworks from our living room window.

Campbell's first Family Movie Night - I know Opa and Oma really enjoyed watching Word World with us!
The boys loving jumping on the trampoline and having Opa and Oma jump was a huge highlight to their visit. Thank you Opa and Oma for being such good sports and having so much fun with Garrett and Clayton! You've got some pretty good moves!

Campbell Comes Home - Oh Happy Day!

We're having so much fun having Campbell home! The boys are so caring and loving! They are always asking where she is, giving her kisses, wanting to hold her, give her a pacifier, and share their animals. Clayton is always checking on her to make sure she isn't crying, and Garrett is often heard saying "She's so beautiful." There may come a day when she drives them crazy, but for now they simply adore her and want to show her off to everyone we meet on walks or stops by the house - they are proud big brothers!
Oma and Campbell
Clayton loves to hold Campbell, but often needs to be reminded to let someone know when he's done holding her. She's going to be one tough girl living with these two rough and tumble boys!

Garrett giving Campbell some "lovin'"
Campbell's first bath at home was a family affair. Clayton had been reminding us for 3 days that she needed one, and he really enjoyed helping bathe her.
What makes giving Campbell a bath even more fun? Using her tub as an ocean for the army men to explore...

Campbell's first hair pretty - this girly stuff just might be a lot of fun!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Campbell's Birth!

On June 29th @ 8:49am we welcomed Campbell Marie VanSlooten into the world! Her birth had some complications which made the day pretty emotional and a little scary, but she is now doing great! We are all totally in love with this little girl!

Under the oxygen hood (she did not like it and was soon put on the tube that goes into the nostrils, we can't remember what it's called). She was on oxygen until 11:00pm the first night.

This is the first time I got to hold Campbell (6 hours after birth due to her high resperations rate, and low oxygen) and the first time Chris was able to hold her since bringing her up from the OR. A WONDERFUL moment!
Oma meets Campbell
Opa and his first granddaughter
Love at first sight!

Between my IV and Campbell's IV getting close was tricky - Oma helped the boys give goodnight kisses.

Our beautiful girl!
Celebrating the 11th anniversary of our first date with our "steak and wine" hospital dinner :) (Not real steak or wine, but a neat hospital treat)
The adoring big brothers

Pizza Party

1st tanning session - phototherapy for Campbell's high bilirubin count. She was under the lights for 24 hours, only coming out for feedings. It was so hard not to be able to hold her - especially for Chris, as I at least got to cuddle her when she was nursing.
The boys enjoying a few minutes with Campbell in between her blue-light treatment