Monday, June 14, 2010

Clayton's Third Birthday!

Our big guy just turned 3! We can hardly believe how much life has changed in those three years and how much laughter we have enjoyed because Clayton is part of our family. He is a goofball, always using different voices, sweet, cuddly, rambunctious. We are so blessed to have him! He adores his big brother and can't wait for the baby to arrive, we know he'll be an awesome big brother too!

Clayton's busy seeing if it's windy...
The making of "Spike the Dinosaur"

Clayton got to open one gift in the morning: his new pool, so that we could fill it and let it warm up to be ready for the party at night. (The weather didn't cooperate much, but the kids didn't mind the icy water)

The Library's summer carnival was also on Saturday, so we were able to enjoy that as well!

Quick, while the sun is out, everyone jump in the pool!
Can you tell someone is excited?

mmm, dinosaur
Opening the "worker guys" from Grandpa and Grandma

PIRATE STUFF?!?! The best part: "Now we have two swords!"

Clayton busy with his new "worker guys" while everyone else jumps on the trampoline.