Sunday, May 23, 2010

Phoenix Get-Away-Weekend

Every year we are a track family. Chris coaches, the boys and I come cheer; we spend almost 3 months "helping Daddy" with practices, going on Saturdays to meets, and having our own "tra meeks" wherever we go. It keeps us busy, but we really do enjoy it.

I have to admit though, that my favorite part of track is the weekend after the State Meet. We have a tradition of celebrating my birthday, Mother's Day, and surviving the season by going away the weekend after the Meet (my two big days always fall during this week). This year Chris even took an extra day off of school and we went to Phoenix! We had a blast swimming at the hotel, eating some good Mexican food for my birthday, walking through a really cool park, visiting the zoo, attending the boys' first pro baseball game, and shopping at Ikea (ok, really Chris and I had a blast there, but the boys were good shoppers).

Due to the heat Chris and I tried to sneak out of the zoo before seeing everything, but Garrett knows how to 'read' the map and informed us we hadn't seen everything...we compromised by picking 4 more animals before heading back to our air conditioned hotel room.
The zoo had misters to help keep visitors cool. We really appreciated this!

We went to the Diamondbacks' game, intending to cheer for the D-backs, but they lost big time, so we ended up cheering for the Brewers. The best part of the baseball game happened as we walked from our hotel to the stadium (about 1/2 mile walk). We heard a bike bell behind us on the sidewalk and a woman pulling a cart pulled up alongside us and offered to give us a ride the rest of the way. Let's be honest, I'm pregnant and it was HOT! We joked that it felt like the Amazing Race, but it was a relief for me, and a lot of fun for the boys. We look forward to the day when the boys enjoy the game as much as we do!