Monday, April 12, 2010

Milk Ranch Canyon Hike

We've been hearing rumors that one of our favorite hiking spots was filled with waterfalls due to the huge amount of snow we had this winter, so with a beautiful Sunday evening stretching out before us we packed a picnic, towels, and dry clothes and headed out to Milk Ranch Canyon. We were not disappointed!

Very COLD water!

The top of the canyon is filled with little streams and puddles and flat spots to sit, so we let the boys splash and run and enjoyed our picnic.

Clayton fell in, and was upset for about the time it took to take his picture. Then he remembered how much fun he was having and got right back into the puddle jumping.

When Clayton gets excited he usually gets into a squat position and does some crazy dancing; here he was showing off his hotdog and saying what fun he was having.

Garrett said "This is a lot like McDonald's; you can eat, then play, then come back to eat again."
Dam building...I don't think they'll be able to stop the snowmelt, but a boy's gotta try right???
It was a wonderful evening and we're hoping to be able to get up there again next weekend before the runoff is gone - anyone want to join us?

Easter '10

Again this year we shared Easter with our friends the Huizingas. We are so blessed to have special people in our lives that can share these days with us when neither family can be with their immediate families. We also decided that a landscaped yard would be better for hiding eggs! Maybe next year!

Zoo Day

We took a break from house projects during Spring Break to spend a day at the Albuquerque Zoo and also did some shopping...It was a great family day!

We watched the polar bears for quite a while; they seemed to dance, they swam, and even played with their "toys". They were everyone's favorite animals.
Feeding the ducks (we were hoping to feed the fish, but the ducks kept getting all the food!)

It was the perfect day for a picnic, and we are quick to find any reason to have a picnic. ;)