Saturday, February 06, 2010

We can hardly believe that four years ago we brought Garrett home from the hospital in a winter storm, and napped through the Super Bowl! That little baby has become our rambunctious, cautious, singing, dancing, polite, detail-oriented, all-boy four-year old. He is full of hugs and kisses, likes to show/tell others how to do things "properly", and when asked what he wants to do now that he's four replies "wrestle Daddy". We sure do love this boy!
Garrett got some wonderful presents from Clayton, Opa and Oma, Grandpa and Grandma and Chris and I. Even though he loved them and was excited about them, it was just as much fun to see Clayton being thrilled by the new toys. You can just see it on his face!

We had to break out the knight costume right away to slay the tiger/dragon running around the house!

On Friday night we had some of Garrett's friends over to celebrate - Thomas and Percy style. I took on a massive undertaking this year and made a Percy cake for this party; it was a project that took all week. I started by making the face out of fondant and then making three sheet cakes to carve into Percy's body.

The boys really wanted to help construct Percy, but secretly their motive may have been licking the frosting off the beaters!

Here's the finished product! Whew, I'm proud of what I did, but I don't think I'll be doing it again (until Clayton decides he wants one for his birthday:)

Pizza Party!

No train themed party is complete without time to play with the trains!

Pin the Nose on James

What birthday party would be complete without hurdles?

Cake Time! Hmm, tastes like Percy :)
Garrett and his friends - each one had a different character to wear for the night