Monday, July 20, 2009

Here's a quick slide show of the last two weeks!
Enjoy! Enjoying ice-cream and the street performers with Oma

Clayton had this look on his face every time and then a look of utter shock when the water shot him in the face

playing in the fountain

wait for it...wait for it...

Garrett adores Crew. He loves to hold him and make him smile. It's so fun to see that love!

My first try at paella...yummmmm

Gibson doesn't hold back when it comes to cake, no matter whose birthday it is

Cake and champagne

these boys sure love their Aunt Becky!

" quick, Daddy, hand me the rasperries while Clayton's not looking"

"How can we sneek back and get some more raspberries?"

Noordhouse Dunes National Forest weekend with the VanSlooten Family

That water is COLD!

Clayton loves the beach

John Ball Zoo

Oma and the boys petting stingrays.

Chillin' downtown Holland

We did the tourist thing this week and went to Dutch Village, and we're even taking tulips and wooden shoes home.

Clayton is his glory..."Lookatthis, lookatthis, lookatthis!"

C'mon Goat!

No, not the grass again!

Garrett's horse "Bumpy"

Is he a witch?

Learning to dutch dance

The tourist shot

A romantic getaway

Our field hands at work

The boys' pail. Clayton's berry in mouth to berry in pail ratio was 50:1

Headed home after a hard hours' work