Monday, June 15, 2009

Clayton is TWO!

Our Growley Bear is now officially a terrible two-year old! Most of the time he's pretty great though! In honor of Clayton's love of all big trucks and machinery we had a fireman party! It was great to celebrate a birthday with our families and some close friends. This was the first birthday we have been able to have grandparents at in three years; what a blast!
Garrett and Broni enjoyed Opa's wood pile while Gibson and Clayton played with the fire engines and visited the baby chicks. Uncle Chris had to show off his gardening prowess while Grandpa and Uncle Jason grilled. Even 'Fix-it Duck' got in on the fun!

Clayton loved all the big trucks he got and Uncle Jason's animal wrapping paper was a hit! If you know Clayton you can imagine him shouting all the animal names...He is such a blessing to our family and we are thankful that God has given him to us. We look forward to another year of growing and learning with you Growley Bear!