Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter..O the Wonderful Cross!

To prepare for Easter the boys decorated eggs - a first for us - they took it very seriously and had to have just the right color and sticker placement. While it was a little stressful to Mom, the boys loved it and the eggs turned out great!

On Sunday night we invited some fellow Michiganders to celebrate with us and we had a feast! Here is the ham I cooked - Delicious! What remained after supper is currently being made into pea soup! (After Chris got his required ham sandwich for lunch)
After dinner we set out for an Easter Egg Hunt - but wait, Chris Huizinga forgot his camera...all the kids patiently waited in the doorway while he went home to get it! Then the fun began! Each child had their own color of egg to find, which helped control the chaos. Chris hid the eggs in the afternoon and was quite proud of his hiding - he may have overestimated a 4year old's vertical jump though.
We had a great time! What a blessing to know we are forgiven and that the dead WILL rise again! This was a special Easter for us as we remember our family and dear friends the Peltons who are grieving the loss of their baby Samantha - how good to be able to trust in the power of the Resurrection!