Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bedside Meetings and Snowy Fun

Over the weekend we had our small group meeting and put the boys down for a nap. After a while we heard them giggling and went to check on them. Garrett had climbed into Clayton's pack and play. When asked what woke him up he said "I needed to have a meeting with "Cayton" in his bed." So we explained that he needs to let Clayton take naps and not wake him up. Yesterday Garrett decided not to nap and all of his 'quiet' woke Clayton up. I decided to let them talk in their beds for a while and then discovered them like this! Garrett told me that he had first thrown in George the monkey and then Puppy, so he had to get in too! Hopefully this pattern doesn't continue - but it was pretty funny!

This morning was beautiful and sunny - but still chilly - so we bundled up and headed to the playground for some vitamin D! We had so much fun!

We decided the basketball court/ice rink would be fun. Here are the kids "skating" and playing hockey. Chris would be proud!