Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Clayton!!!!

Today we celebrated Clayton's 1st birthday! He blew out his candles with the help of Garrett and Garrett's friend Zoe and then dug into his cake. Opa and Oma sang him "Happy Birthday" over the phone and he enjoyed Grandma's phone call too, and he opened some fun presents. We sang to him all day, which he loved and he even "danced" a little!
We went for a hike last week (Clayton's first real one) and hiked to a canyon and then had a picnic. The boys loved it, although Garrett was ready to hike on his own and be out to the backpack about halfway back to the car. They loved playing in "the mountains" as Garrett calls it and we had a great picnic, even though it got really cold by the end of the evening - as in snow overnight cold!