Wednesday, May 28, 2008 update!

Spring has flown past us. We have reached the end of our second year in New Mexico and so much has happened in just three months. Sorry to those of you who visit our blog. We will do a better job over the summer of keeping this updated. We have a lot of pictures to show off, so we’ll keep the update short. We had a great Easter, visit from Chris’ parents and aunt and uncle over Spring Break, a weekend in ABQ, and then Oma (Nikki’s Mom) visited for a week topped off by Opa (Nikki’s Dad) visiting for the Memorial Day weekend which was spent in Santa Fe.

Chris has again coached Track and Field, and again had runners make it to the State Meet. We were very proud of him, and of his athletes. He has finished another Masters class and is in the process of taking another two which will be done by the end of June.

Nikki is preparing for VBS and trying to hold down the fort while we wait for summer vacation to begin. We spent Mother’s Day in ABQ at the zoo, but sadly we forgot our digital camera, so pictures of that are coming later.

Garrett and Clayton are growing so fast. Clayton has been crawling for a few months, and is SOOOO close to walking. He laughs easily and loves to eat. He is a fun baby, and about ready for his first birthday. Garrett amazes us with his understanding of things and his ever growing vocabulary. He loves to be the big brother and tell Clayton what to do, but is also very proud and protective. Both boys love swimming and jumping on a friend’s trampoline!