Monday, February 04, 2008

Winter Update

We are feeling like we have moved out of the desert and into the tundra! Our little corner of New Mexico has received more snow in the month of January than it has gotten in the last 20 years! We love the beauty of the desert covered in snow – and it has brought us blessings in snow days. Since coming back from Christmas vacation Chris has had 3 snow days, two 2-hour delays, a 1-hour delay and an early dismissal. It’s looking like tomorrow may bring at least another delay as well! Because of the snow Chris has had lots of chances to go x-country skiing and snow shoeing; Nikki is hoping to get to go soon, but somehow Chris seems to get out of the house easier.

Since we haven’t updated since before Christmas, we should say that we had a great time in Michigan with family. We were also thrilled and surprised on our last Sunday to see so many great friends who have also moved away, the Mahaffeys, the Boermans, and the Sterks! It was, for us, a serious blessing to be able to catch up with these people who have so deeply touched our lives! Garrett often talks about the things he did and saw; the highlight was probably the zoo with Opa. He got a flashlight for Christmas and tells us daily, “I go look my flashlight for rrrr!” It was so good to be home with our family, but we quickly realized how gloomy Michigan is, and we couldn’t wait to get back to a place where the sun is always shining!

Our family is doing well. Chris has started a new Masters class that looks to be more challenging than the last. Track starts up again next week with meets starting in March. Nikki is busy with the After School Program and with 6 college students who are staying in the dorm. The boys also keep her on her toes.

Speaking of the boys, we’ll start with Clayton – he is now almost 8 months old and is so much fun. He is all smiles, unless he is hungry. He has recently learned to scream when he sees food, he is sitting up on his own, and turning himself around. We think that he will be crawling soon. Clayton has followed in Garrett’s footsteps and is a big boy. Altogether he is a big bundle of joy!

Garrett – Oh, what can we say! Not only is he now 2!!!!! He is also talking up a storm. His new favorite phrases are “I lub you, Baby Keekah!” “Don’t worry, Daddy” “No talk, Mom” or “Oh, OK!” We have a running commentary on everything that is happening no matter where we are, and if we don’t respond he repeats, and repeats, and repeats until we repeat what he has said. He loves to sing and knows so many songs; his favorites include anything VeggieTales, Jesus Loves Me, and the ABC’s. He can also count to 14, but his favorite number is 6, as you can see if you watch the birthday video. We just celebrated his birthday with a bunch of his friends. Look closely, his shirt says “Chick Magnet” – there is a reason!

Check out Garrett's Birthday Video