Sunday, June 03, 2007

May Update

May was a busy month for the VanSlootens. Nikki and Garrett made a trip to MI and had a great time visiting with family. Especially fun was Nikki's birthday dinner, Becky's baby shower, and our trip to the zoo with Oma. Garrett also got his first haircut this past week - more traumatic for Nikki than Garrett.

Chris finished up his first year at Rehoboth. It's nice to have school done so early! Summer school starts this week and he'll be teaching math every afternoon for 3 weeks. Hopefully with only a few kids in the class it should be pretty laid back. Softball has also started up again for another summer - the Rehoboth Lynx are 2-2, with 2 over the fence home runs by Chris! Last week he had a close call after getting caught in a pickle between 3rd and home. He slid into 3rd but was tackled by the 3rd baseman who then sat on him waiting for his teammate to get the ball and tag Chris. After it was all said and done Chris got the base, but he also got some really pretty scrapes on his arms and his face.

We are 9 days from delivering baby #2! We can't believe that Garrett is about to become a big brother. Pregnancy continues to go well but we are excited to deliver early! We continue to covet your prayers as we get things in order and especially in the early days after we bring the baby home and Garrett adjusts to sharing Mom and Dad.