Thursday, April 26, 2007

Long Overdue Update

Well, its been quite awhile since we've posted a real update. A lot has happened since our Post-Holiday update. Spring break has come and gone, as well as our first visitors to the southwest! Nikki's parents came down during our spring break and spent the week exploring various parts of New Mexico and Arizona. They also spent a lot of time playing with Garrett. Our good friends Ken and Lynda Mol has paid us a visit for a few days the week following spring break. It was wonderful to see some familiar faces that we have missed. As always, visitors are very welcome. Here are more specific updates from all of us.

Garrett: akgjhdgbahoeihj goahgoiahgakghg. Ok, not a great Idea to have him type. Garrett is walking all over the place. He also tries to climb on anything he can see the top of (stairs, ottomans, box, Daddy laying on the floor, etc.) We have also noticed that Garrett has a profound love of dogs. He finds them in all of his books and say "ooo ooo" when ever he sees one. Another thing that Garrett loves to do is throw balls. Chris is to blame for showing him how to throw them and now we do everything we can from keeping him from throwing them in the toilet. Garrett is also looking forward to the arrival of his new baby Brister (that's what we call it seeing how we don't know what it is).

Nikki: This spring has been a lot of fun for me. It's nice to have the dorm empty and just be responsible for Garrett and working in the After School Program. The pregnancy is going well, I can hardly believe we are less than 2 months from meeting this little person! The date for the c-section will be June 12th. As always I'm busy with Garrett and loving watching him grow and seeing his personality develop. He is quite the character! Garrett and I are headed to Michigan in May, and I'm really looking forward to seeing family and friends. Having my parents here this spring was wonderful! It was such a blessing to us to share our home with them and introduce them to a place we have fallen in love with. It was also wonderful to see how Garrett quickly fell in love with them!

Chris: I have continued to be extremely busy. This spring has taught me that I need to learn how to say "no". Besides starting Track in Feburuary, I found myself in the middle of a search team for a new high school principal, working with a group of men in launching a Men's ministry at our church, and going through the process of selecting new math textbooks for the high school next year (something that is much less enjoyable than it sounds). Track has gone well for the most part. We went through some growing pains as the assistant coaches and I tried to set out some pretty high expectations for our athletes. We believe they are finally starting to buy in as the season has only two meets left (Districts, and State). We hope to qualify a few of our boys for the State meet coming up as 5 of our girls already have. I have experienced numerous types of weather at Track meets this spring. Anything from 90 degree cloudless days to snow, to 50 mile an hour winds and dust storms. I have decided to not coach Cross Country next fall and only coach Track next school year so that I may be able to spend more time with Nikki, Garrett, and the new baby, and take a masters class here and there. God has truly showed me that he has a purpose for us here as I am challenged on a daily basis to share his love with the students I interact with and as he continues to provide for all our needs. Enjoy some recent pictures!