Monday, January 29, 2007

Grand Canyon

We had a wonderful time at the Grand Canyon this weekend! The weather was beautiful, a little cold, but nice and sunny. Pictures do not do justice to the amazing scenery God created in northern Arizona! We also made a quick stop at Painted Desert on the way home (see the last picture).

Monday, January 15, 2007

Post-Holiday Update

Since our last post we have been busy! We took our 1st airplane trip with Garrett - it could have gone worse. He actually did pretty well, but there was too much excitement on the plane to sleep! We spent two weeks in Michigan visiting family and friends and doing a lot of relaxing. It was a great chance to catch up with loved ones, especially to share the joy of the holidays with them. We also really enjoyed the good cooking by Mom Marlink, and eating at our favorite restaurants! Curiously there was no snow in Michigan, only clouds and rain - the week we left NM we had a huge snow storm, and have gotten quite a bit of snow since we have returned. The biggest climate difference - the sunshine - we only saw the sun once in our whole two weeks in MI! We don't miss that!

Garrett enjoyed his first Christmas and got some fun new toys - many more than he needs! He was spoiled by his grandparents during the visit to MI. He is almost ready to walk and can stand on his own for a couple of seconds before he laughs and sits down. We are looking forward to him walking, we suppose, and the continuation of teething! He eats more table food everyday, and Chris compares him to our old dog because he begs for food from our plates and doesn't seem to know when he is full.

Chris has returned to school and feels as though he never left, is that a good thing??? He is busy preparing for the upcoming Track and Field season. He will be the Head Coach this time ($$$) ;). He is excited, nervous, overwhelmed, and generally looking forward to this new challenge. The classroom continues to go well; the kids still like "V". Chris is also serving on a couple of committees at school, including searching for a new principal, and working with a few other men at our church to start a Men's Ministry Program. Any free time is spent with his wife and son, running or playing basketball in the wee hours of the morning.

Nikki will be resuming the After School Program this week and is excited to get back with the kids after a month off. There are also a group of students from Dordt and Trinity Colleges, they are a fun group! She is also planning a couple of weekend trips to the Grand Canyon and Santa Fe for the group - We are looking forward to these trips since we haven't been to either place yet. The pregnancy is going well, we are almost to 17 weeks! This time around is very similar to Garrett's, but she's more tired, and her back hurts more.

Here are some pictures of Christmas and our trip.

There's a Monkey on the bed!!!!!!!!!