Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snow Day!

Today was our first snow day of 07-08! What a beautiful world we live in, and even more so when it's dusted with snow! Garrett enjoyed playing in the snow and helping shovel our sidewalk. He even liked pretending he was a "newman" (snowman).

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Giving Thanks

We just returned from a great trip up to Colorado for Thanksgiving! What a good time we had visiting family and celebrating the holiday with them. The Pelton's had us for Turkey Day, Christy and Nikki successfully made a great meal, turkey included! Garrett enjoyed all of the steps to go up and down, up and down, up and down, as well as meeting baby "No-ey". We then went up to Ft. Collins to see the Frenchs where we took the boys up to the mountains and helped cut down a Christmas tree. There was lots of snow to play in, and the weather was glorious!

Now we have just a few weeks until Christmas, and of course they will be busy. Chris is almost done with his first class for his Masters Program; it has gone well and overall he's enjoyed it. Nikki's been busy with the kids' fall program at church, which just finished up, and is getting involved more with planning the dramas and music for Sunday morning services.

The boys are doing well. Garrett is continuing to learn lots of new words. We are focussing on saying "thank you" and he just made his Opa's day when he said "Hi Opa" for the first time! He's sure to have fun with Opa when we head back to MI! Clayton is growing so quickly, he is big like Garrett was, and is so much fun! He's very giggly, and overall a very happy contented baby. We are looking forward to Christmas to show them off again to all of the family in MI.

Stay tuned for pictures later!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A collection of recent video clips!

Check out this collection of recent video clips of the boys! Enjoy!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fall is upon us!

Today marks another milestone for our family as Chris turns the big 2-7. 30 is fast approaching, but we're still foot-loose and fancy-free, well maybe not quite. The 1 1/2 mo. since we've been home from vacation has flown by. Although we seem to say that a lot. We've been busy with work, Chris' masters, and the everyday challenge of raising our two boys.

Two weeks ago we had Clayton baptized (see the pics). It was so neat to be able to share that with our family here. Of course we missed our real family, but Clayton was baptized in our family baptismal gown, so it was like having a piece of all of them here. Garrett came up with us to watch Clayton's baptism, and while Pastor Rob showed Clayton to the congregation Garrett asked if he could be baptized, Chris said he already was when he was a baby and asked if he remembered. He replied "mees", that's his word for please and yes. Clayton continues to grow and is now laughing, especially at his big brother who likes to talk to him in "baby talk" as if Garrett speaks so clearly!

Garrett learns a new word every day, his favorites are "Beh-eh" for Aunt Becky, "Zoe" and "Isaac" his friends, "Muh-ah" for Curious George (the monkey), and newly learned phrase of the day - "kick butt" which he learned when he heard Chris say "kick his butt" while on the phone. Oops! He still loves "Baby" or "Daytoh" as he has started to call Clayton and tries to entertain him and share with him all the time. Chris and I say often "Clayton can't eat that, he doesn't have any teeth." To which Garrett replies "no, baby, no".

Chris is enjoying his Masters course, School Law. Sounds fun, eh? Its a lot of reading, but not much other work. He is moving into a new classroom in November when our new gym is completed. There are a few classrooms in the new building and Chris' reputation as a techy and "responsible" lead his principal to ask if he was interested in the new classroom. It's gonna be sweet! It will even have a smart board (a permanent board with a projector that shows images from the computer, which can be drawn on and then those drawings, writings, etc, go to the computer and can be saved)! That will be great in a math classroom! He ran a 5K this weekend and came in 3rd! It was a tough course, but for not having run a race in a while we were pretty proud of him. Nikki is staying busy with the boys, the Calvin students, and the After School Program. She's also been doing home-buying research as we consider buying a home here in Rehoboth. We feel a little overwhelmed with the idea of purchasing a home, but we know that our apartment will soon be too small for two rowdy boys.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

End of Summer!

We’ve just returned from a great trip to Michigan to show off our handsome boys and are about to settle in for the upcoming school year. Our trip was great – we had so much fun! We stopped on the way to Michigan to visit our cousins and friends the Peltons in Colorado Springs (one of our favorite places to visit so we’re thrilled to have a free place to stay!). Christy and Ryan are soon to be parents so we enjoyed sharing diaper duty with them to get them ready. We also visited our friends the Boermans while we were there.

Once we got to Michigan the fun continued with a trip to John Ball Zoo, a Whitecaps game, a petting zoo, a weekend at Chris’ parents’ cabin, kayaking with Chris and Becky, meeting our new nephew/cousin Gibson (or Wibbey as he has been dubbed), trips to the beach, and picnicking with our friends Jeremy and Amanda and their boys. We also went to the Holland Farmers Market which we miss a lot, took Garrett blueberry picking (we brought a ton of MI blueberries home, yum!), reconnected with friends from Holland and from Hope and our church family in Zeeland, and Chris and I got to go out on a couple of much needed dates. We were so blessed to have the chance to be with people we love and we are so grateful to those of you who had us over for meals, took vacation time to be with us, and overall made our trip very special.

As we get ready for another school year we have been asked by people here in NM if we are ready to be back or if having been at “home” for a month makes us wish we were still in Michigan. We have been able to honestly answer that as wonderful as it is to go home, we are also at home here at Rehoboth. Each time we have been to MI our pastor at 1st Reformed has given a message that reminds us that we have been called to Rehoboth and that this is where we belong. We know that we will miss our families and our friends in MI, but yet we love our friends here and look forward to investing more into these relationships this year.

Our boys are doing well. Garrett is talking and is constantly making us laugh. His favorite word is still “no”. No, he doesn’t love mommy, daddy, or Clayton. No, he doesn’t want to be tickled. No, no, no. But, he also has lots of other “nicer” words, not all of which are totally understandable. He is now running, loves to throw and kick balls, and will desperately miss Daddy when Chris goes back to school this week. Clayton is starting to smile and coo and puts up with a lot of kissing from Garrett. He seems to be following in Garrett’s chubby footsteps.

The fall will be busy. Chris is going to start his Masters program. Nikki will be working with Calvin College again and working for the After School Program. We also hope to find new ways to connect with our community. We would ask for your prayers as we adjust to a new school year and new family dynamics.